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    We like the look of the Supra/ Moomba line, but we are looking to get more of a crossover boat. Is Nautique the only brand you carry that offers a crossover series?
  1. Every single model from both Supra and Moomba are crossover models however, size is a contributing factor. The smaller the boat the more it will weigh towards skiing and the larger the boat the more it will favor wake sports.
    How do I know what size of boat will best suite me?
  1. There are a few factors when picking out the size of your boat. The questions to ask yourself are going to be how large of a crew do I think ill have out with me on a regular basis, how big are the lakes I plan to use my boat on, do the activities I want to use my boat for (wakesurfing, skiing, wakeboarding), have better performance with one size versus another.
    What are the differences between a Moomba, Supra, and Nautique?
  1. While there are many differences that separate these brands the short answer is as follows: The Moomba line is our entry level brand that provides excellent build quality, performance, and finish at an affordable price. Supra Boats is made by the same manufacturer, (Skiers Choice) as Moomba but is a whole different level of boat you will notice this in both the performance, luxury features, and finish. Supra is arguably the most boat for your buck when it comes to luxury Towboat brands. Nautique is without questions the top of the food chain in the towboat world. They provide the top quality in the industry for performance, finish, and overall ingenuity. While some of there models fetch a pretty penny there can be a misconception with the cost of a Nautique. They have over 12 different models that range in luxury, activities (wakesurfing, skiing, wakeboarding), and performance
    Why shouldn’t I buy from a private party if I can find it cheaper?
  1. When you purchase a boat, it is not a transaction that ends after the sale. We build a relationship with you throughout the ownership of your boat. When you purchase a boat through Tobler’s you get priority service which is often overlooked. Let’s face it, accidents happen, and we live in an area where our summer season is somewhat short, and this area is notorious for the boating lifestyle. Priority service allows you to bump ahead of anyone servicing their boat with us that did not purchase their boat from us. When you have a family reunion, or a trip planned for the 4th of July with the boat this can be crucial to your overall experience.
    I used to buy boats with just one signature, has that changed?
  1. In a word, yes. Purchasing a boat is no longer as easy as buying a piece of bubble gum at the corner store when you were a kid. There are things like disclosures, licensing, as well as other related documents that are either locally or federally mandated. Tobler Marina is well versed in these requirements and makes the process as streamlined as possible to get you out on the water fast.
    How long can I finance for?
  1. For the average boat purchase you can finance for up to 15 years or 180 months. 240 months is available as well.
    What are the current interest rates?
  1. Interest rates change. The best way to know what your best interest rate would be is to fill out a credit application here on our website after you have decided on the right boat and price.
    What will my interest rate be?
  1. Once you decide on the boat to best fit your needs, submit a credit application through our website. Tobler Marina will submit the application for the best rate and term.
    My bank has pre-approved me for a boat purchase, what do I do now?
  1. Deciding on the boat to best fit your needs is the first step. After that, speak with our Finance department about who the lender is that you have your pre-approval with. Tobler Marina works with many lenders and can often make the process of purchasing your new boat much easier by arranging financing and paperwork right here at the store.
    Is there a pre-payment penalty or early pay off penalty?
  1. Most Credit Unions do not have a penalty or fee. National Banks often do but the fee is quite small.
    How much money will I need to put down?
  1. This depends on a variety of factors and is best determined by submitting a credit application on a specific boat either on our website or in person at our store in Hayden.
    Is insurance a requirement on financed boats?
  1. Yes, full coverage insurance is required on financed boats and is required to be in place and active the day purchase documents are signed. You will need to bring proof of full coverage insurance with you at your appointment to sign final paperwork.
    Can I take the insurance on my boat off during the winter?
  1. If the boat is financed, it must remain insured even when in storage and not in use.
    Do you have a recommendation for an insurance company?
  1. Yes. Global Marine Insurance is an excellent resource for marine specific insurance. You can reach Holly Tillotson with Global Marine Insurance at 425-829-3246. Be sure to let Holly know you are working with Tobler Marina. Tobler Marina recommends full coverage insurance for your boat whether you finance it or pay cash.